Mandy Nyarko

Managing Director

Mandy is a global innovation strategist who has worked at the intersection of early stage ventures and sustainability for over 5 years. Mandy is an advisor on the SME action board to the UK Government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). She is also a speaker on Diversity,Equity and Inclusion within the early stage tech industry and on Climate change solutions. 

Mandy is a promoter of environmental, social and economic sustainability, and has supported early stage ventures that focus on climate change mitigation, through renewable energy, waste management and circular economy solutions and the electrification of transportation.

Mandy is passionate about helping leaders of large complex organisations map their future towards sustainability by investing in social and environmental solutions that reduce inequality, eradicate poverty, and protect planet earth. 

As an advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She is the co-founder of Startup Discovery School, a venture programme that supports early stage tech and tech enabled  businesses led by diverse entrepreneurs. The programme has supported founders across the globe with digital marketing support, strategy, free web credits, and access to venture funding. The programme has also supported UK government backed initiatives on delivering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training. 

In addition to Startup Discovery School she is the Managing Director of a programme focused on accelerating cities towards their net zero goals by collaborating with climate change mitigation solutions providing clean energy, reduced congestion and improved waste management.

Her goal is to support cities, organisations and institutions to transition to a zero carbon operation through investment in asset classes that reduce their carbon footprint. 

To date Mandy has supported over 200 founders, who’ve raised over 15M in early stage funding and turnover 20M in revenue. 

SME investing
Climate finance
Compliance and governance