Driving Impact with Purpose

We deploy innovative financing instruments to provide risk capital to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which offers them flexibility and allow capital to deliver growth and lasting impact.
We are locally present and connected to where our investments are, which allows us to leverage our network and cultural knowledge to gain the trust of our entrepreneurs while bringing the right partners on board to support them create value in their businesses.

Maximize Inheritance

Gender Lens Investing is at the core of our approach. We recognize the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa and aim to address these challenges by providing financial support, mentorship, and opportunities for growth. Our goal is to actively contribute to closing the gender financing gap and creating a more inclusive business landscape.

Equitable Opportunities

We ensure that our investment decisions promote equal opportunities for women-led businesses.

Empowering Women

Beyond financial support, we provide mentorship and resources to empower women entrepreneurs in their business endeavors.

Building Networks

We actively foster networks and collaborations that support gender diversity and inclusion in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

2x criteria

At the heart of our investment philosophy is the steadfast pursuit of a 2x return on investment. We believe in more than just financial growth; we aim for exceptional returns that redefine success in the competitive landscape. Our unique approach sets us apart, as we meticulously seek out companies that align with our rigorous “2x criteria.

Precision in Selection

Our team of seasoned experts employs a meticulous selection process, evaluating potential investments against stringent criteria. We delve into the fundamental aspects of companies, analyzing their growth potential, market positioning, and financial health. Only those that demonstrate the promise of delivering a 2x return make it through our discerning selection process.

Strategic Vision

We understand that successful investments require more than just luck; they demand a strategic vision. By adhering to our 2x criteria, we ensure that every investment aligns with our vision for sustained and substantial growth. This strategic approach not only safeguards our investors' interests but also propels our portfolio towards new heights.

Risk Management

While we embrace the pursuit of lucrative returns, we are equally committed to prudent risk management. Our 2x criteria act as a benchmark, guiding us to investments that not only promise significant returns but also align with our risk tolerance parameters. This balanced approach is fundamental to our long-term success

Building successful businesses takes time. We provide patient capital to support our portfolio companies through various stages of growth, fostering long-term relationships that go beyond financial investment.