We're a force dedicated to making a difference

Who we are

Sahara Impact ventures is a female led and majority owned investment advisory and venture capital fund management firm based in Accra, Ghana. She Sahara is dedicated to creating long term financing solutions that bridge the gender financing gap in Sub Saharan Africa. We raise investment funds to support African entrepreneurs and their businesses to enable them scale and impact their communities where patient capital will otherwise not have been possible. We adopt a gender lens approach in all that we do, ensuring fairness and equity in our investment process and operations.

The Story behind our Brand

Sahara Impact ventures derives from our geographical focus (Sub-Sahara Africa) and our mission to promote gender equality and empower women who are mostly disadvantaged when it comes to accessing finance to start or scale their businesses. Our logo is a combination of the Adinkra symbol ‘Mmusuyidee’ which represents ‘Good Fortune’ and signifies the positive outcomes of our investments; and the leaves of the Acacia Tree which signifies the resilience approach to our work.

Bridging the Gender Financing Gap

We are committed to bridging the gender financing gap, one investment at a time. We raise investment funds to support African entrepreneurs and their businesses, enabling them to scale and create lasting impacts on their communities. 

A Gender Lens Approach

Our approach is defined by a gender lens. Fairness and equity are woven into every fiber of our investment process and operations. We believe that the future of finance should be inclusive, empowering all, regardless of gender.

Fostering Innovation and Equity

At Sahara Impact ventures, our mission is to drive innovation, promote gender equity, and support sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa. We achieve this by investing in businesses that have a transformative impact on local communities and the broader economy.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our success. We believe in equal opportunities and fair representation. We are proud to be a female-led firm and committed to promoting diversity in all aspects of our operations.