Investing In Impactful Entrepreneurs In Underserved Markets To Build The Just Transition

Who we are

Sahara Impact ventures is a female-led and majority-owned investment advisory and venture capital fund management firm based in Accra, Ghana.

Sahara Impact ventures is dedicated to creating long-term financing solutions that bridge the gender financing gap in Sub-Saharan Africa. We raise investment funds to support African entrepreneurs and their businesses to enable them to scale and impact their communities where patient capital would otherwise not have been possible.

We adopt a gender lens approach in all that we do, ensuring fairness and equity in our investment process and operations.

We're here to make a lasting difference in Sub-Saharan Africa

Our Approach

We deploy innovative financing instruments to provide risk capital to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which offers them flexibility and allow capital to deliver growth and lasting impact.
We are locally present and connected to where our investments are, which allows us to leverage our network and cultural knowledge to gain the trust of our entrepreneurs while bringing the right partners on board to support them create value in their businesses.

We are deliberate in seeking out companies that meet the 2x criteria

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At Sahara Impact ventures, we believe in the power of strategic investments to make a lasting impact. Our funds are carefully curated to support ventures that align with our mission of fostering innovation, gender equity, and sustainability. Whether you’re at the seed stage or pursuing Series A funding, our funds are designed to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs and businesses across the region.


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